Financial visibility. Delivered.

IFI provides outsourced accounting and technology transition services for growing small to medium business


Good business decisions begin with strong bookkeeping

We apply our years of accounting, operations, and software expertise to orchestrate financial information for your business. By outsourcing key fiscal obligations to us, you will truly understand your numbers, capitalize on new opportunities, and make prudent decisions that promote growth and financial stability.

Success stories

  • “Applying Insulation Contractor expertise to the information flow between our accounting and FieldGroove CRM system has been the key to providing the visibility and control that lets me work on the business instead of in the business.”


    David Kahn
    President at Ecological

  • “We improved visibility and efficiency by leveraging outsourced managed accounting and fractional technology transformation services for both our internal accounting and for that of our portfolio companies”


    Richard Campbell
    CFO at Parallax Capital Partners

QuickBooks is costing your business big time

Learn more about the software’s hidden costs, along with the upside of switching to a professional cloud-based accounting system.